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Gurob, fragment of a journal

UC 32784 (click on the images for a larger picture)



First Entry:

... being like those which are done for Re, exactly, exactly, I shall cause you to be marvelled at for them, I shall not cause to be taken to me benefits. O that my good lord l.p.h.! would cause to be brought to me people to teach them and to instruct them, and to do this great business. It may be that my lord shall find how to cause that to be done, the like of which was not done for Re. For those that remain are grown children, people who are like those people whom my lord l.p.h.! causes to be brought, those who know how to do, those who know how to receive instruction, being foreigners, like those who used to be brought to us in the time of Ramesses II, l.p.h.! the great god your good father, and who would say to us "We are wealth in the workshops (?) of the nobles and who received instruction and were able to do whatever they were told.

This is despatched to give information: year 2, 3rd month akhet, day 20

Second Entry:

Copy of (the list ? of) every servant made in the per-khenti in Merwer, commencing with the 14th day of the 3rd month akhet in the 2nd year

Third Entry:

Year 2, 3rd month akhet, day 14. One was in the house of (User-kheper-Re Setepenre, beloved of Amun = Sety II), l.p.h. in Memphis. Received of the tribute of fish which was under the hands of ... adu-fish, split, 300, entire 700; total 1000



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