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Some further reading on Egyptian foreign relations in the Predynastic and Early Dynastic Periods

Adams/Porat 1996(petrographic research on foreign pottery sherds from the tomb of Djer in Abydos)
Amiran/Gophna 1992 (a table for correlations of datings, for relations with the Levant)
Andelkovic 1995 (a broad collection of material for relations with the Levant in Predynastic Egypt)
Brandl 1992 (discussions in favour of Egyptian colonisation in south Palestine, with full bibliography)
Gophna 1992 (about the relation between Egypt and 'En Besor)
Hartung 1994 (a short summary of relations with the Levant)
Hennessy 1967 (a detailed study of the relations between Egypt and the Levant, still useful)
Porat 1986/87 (fabric analyses of the Egyptian pottery in South Palestine)
Porat 1992 (a summary on the relations to the Levant, with detailed maps and statistical tables)
Smith 1992 (on the knife UC 16294 and its design, and on Egyptian foreign relations in general)
Wilkinson 1999: 150-182 (on foreign relations in Early Dynastic Egypt, including Nubia, Anatolia, Afghanistan/Iran)



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