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Burial customs: coffins of the Third Intermediate Period

Early Twenty-first Dynasty coffins belong to the type of the 'yellow coffins' (yellow background, the whole box and lid is covered with small scenes, the so-called 'vignettes'); often they form a set of several boxes. At the beginning of the Twenty-second Dynasty the 'yellow coffins' disappeared and were replaced by quite simple outer coffins, with the inner coffins by 'cartonnages'. In addition to the types described, used mainly in elite burials, there are many simpler types in use, for which further research is needed.

UC 8899

a complete 'yellow coffin' in the Petrie Museum (click on the image for a larger picture)

click here for coffin fragment

UC 55138UC 55142UC 29809

UC 55080UC 16026

UC 36213UC 38037

Niwinski 1988 (typology of the 'yellow coffins')


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