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King's son of Ramesses

The title 'king's son of Ramesses' is attested in the twenty-second Dynasty, for several high ranking people. Its meaning is not fully clear. One view holds that these are descendants of Ramesside kings. Other explanations for the titles include: governor of Piramesses; vizier for the North; priestly title for people in the king's cult of Ramesside rulers.

Following people with the title are known:

  • Nimlot B (time of Sheshonq I)
  • Djedptahiufankh (time of Sheshonq I)
  • Djedhoriufankh (time of Sheshonq I)
  • Pashedbastet A (time of Osorkon I)
  • Padebehnubastet (time of Sheshonq III ?)
  • Takelot (C) (time of Sheshonq III ?)
  • Takelot
  • Iuput
  • Isetemkheb
  • Rudamun
  • Osorkon
Some of these people with the same or similar names are perhaps identical.

Further reading:

  • Collombert 1996 (the most recent discussion, including review of many older ideas on the title and further literature)



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