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Central Administration in the Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period (2025-1550 BC)

In the administration of the Middle Kingdom fixed offices were introduced. In this new tighter system there was always a group of people with certain titles at the royal court. The head of it was the vizier; he was responsible for the organisation of labour and for the scribal offices.

seal impression from Nubt with the inscription ... vizier ...menu, true of voice (click on the image to see the context)

Under the vizier are several officials with the ranking title 'sealer of the king of Lower Egypt'. These officials were responsible for different section of the administration. Each of them had his own staff.

overseer of the enclosure | overseer of the fields | the high steward | overseer of the marshland dwellers

The head of the palace administration was the treasurer; he controlled food production within the palace stores, incoming raw materials and precious commodities, and work on them.

seal of the 'sealer of the king of Lower Egypt, treasurer Har'. Har is known from more than 100 seals. His exact chronological position within the Second Intermediate Period is unknown (UC 11488).



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