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Allocation of precise work duties to individuals

Throughout Egyptian history, written records refer to men by name and 'title'

The 'title' may express a short- or a long-term role in social relations or in the state

seal of the 'royal sealer and overseer of fields' Ankhu

Other designations include terms denoting social status, and activity

Some of these 'titles' imply allocation of roles to individuals

For specific tasks, additional information is needed: outcome, timing, return

Accounting for actual achievements

This aspect is illustrated by an account of pottery production, Lahun papyrus UC 32193

The document refers to an accountant, for the administrative aspect of the activity

The men designated 'potter' may in fact be practical managers of groups of potters: those at the manual level of production may only be present in the products themselves

Similar screening of activity may underlie other apparently manual role designations such as farmer (= farm manager?) and cook (= organiser of meal production?).


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