Current Research Projects in CMII

A selection of projects by current research students in CMII:

Comparative Literature

Aisha Al-Omary - Anglophiles and Anglophobes: Occidentalism and Traditionalisation in Egypt Under British Occupation

Stefano Bellin - The Shame of Being a Man: A Deconstructive Reading of Primo Levi

Naomi Charlotte Fukuzawa - Narrating modern Japan in the writings of Lafcadio Hearn, Pierre Loti, Ogai Mori and Soseki Natsume

Aysun Kiran - ‘Rewriting’ the Past Through Cinema: A Comparative Analysis of Conflicting Narratives on Violence in 1990s Turkey

Christiane Luck - ‘I must create new words, must be selective, write differently’ (Verena Stefan): A comparative study of English and German literary texts thematising gender and language

Ayala Maurer-Prager - "On Their Own Terms": The Challenge of Culture in Literary Depictions of Mass Violence 

Georgia Panteli - Cutting the Strings: Postmodern and Posthuman retellings of the Pinocchio myth

Stefano Rossoni - Textual Erotics: Reading and Writing in Contemporary Novels

Ayesha Siddiqi - The Representation of Trauma in the Contemporary Pakistani Novel

Kathleen Sparks - No Resort But to Pray’: The Female Slave and Domestic Servant in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Literature of the American Plantation Region

Film Studies

Mara Arts - The representation of the London night in British film and press, 1896-1939

Özde Çeliktemel-Thomen - Cinema Contested: Regulation of Cinema in the Late Ottoman Empire and the Early Turkish Republic

André Rui Graça - A Story of Unsuccess: a study on Portuguese cinema, politics and society since 1974

Gender Studies

Magali Burnichon - The Portrayal of Queer Identities on Mainstream Television: How Visual Literacy Redefines Representations of Gender Politics

Ina Goel - Spaces of Exclusion or Sites of Resistance? Hijra communities in Delhi

Jordan Osserman - On the Foreskin Question: Circumcision, Ideology, and the Problems of "Intact" Membership

Marco Venturi - Out of Soho, Back into the Closet: Re-Thinking the London Gay Community

Gender Theory and Literature

Alice Podkolinski - Woman Without the Maternal Within: The Critical Potential of Reading and Writing about Crisis of Shifting Concepts of the Maternal

Cultural Studies

Comparative and Cultural Studies

Marco Benoît Carbone - The myth of Scylla and Charybdis: cultural geography, reception, identity

Alia Soliman - The Doppelgänger in Our Time: The New Faces of the Double in Contemporary Literature and Culture

Political Studies, Sociology and Cultural Studies

Jon Bailes - Ideology and political change: reconsidering awareness, belief, and rationalisation (via Marcuse, Jameson, and Žižek)

Asmaa Soliman - Muslims and Islam in Europe - Young Muslims' Public Engagement in Germany in the context of German Muslim identity

Translation Studies

Translation Studies and Cultural Studies

Diana Bianchi - The Politics of Translating Science Fiction. An analysis of translated British and American Science Fiction in Italy in the 1970s

Silvia Kadiu - Translating Translation Theory: A Critical and Practical Investigation of Reflexivity in Translation

Centre for Translation Studies

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