Research & PhDs

UCL is home to a thriving research community in inter-disciplinary studies in the Arts and Humanities, and is located at the centre of a city that has few rivals for the study of culture. You can study a wide variety of specializations with faculty who are renowned experts in their fields.


UCL offers a number of graduate scholarships, the application deadlines for which tend to be early in the year.

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to send a research proposal to the director of the Graduate Programme of their choice . Please refer to the individual programme website for the appropriate director.

Your proposal should address your research aims and questions, some account of existing scholarship on the subject, a clear statement about your methodological approach, and a provisional chapter outline.

You should send this before submitting an application.

Your PhD proposal will enable the Centre to determine whether we are able to offer you supervision in your chosen area of research. Please do not submit more than one proposal at a time. You are strongly advised to submit a PhD proposal before submitting an online application.