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CMII provides a welcoming environment and social community for graduate study. CMII offers a range of MA programmes which encourage critical thinking across disciplinary and departmental boundaries. Our programs allow students flexibility in shaping their course of study and to pursue their individual intellectual interests.

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Taught or Research Pathway?

Many CMII MA programmes offer two pathways: Taught or Research. The two different pathways allow you to tailor your MA programme to your academic and professional needs.

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There are currently more than 60 research students at CMII. Studying for an MPhil/PhD at CMII means full immersion in one of the world’s most dynamic intellectual communities. Research students are involved in numerous events and activities at UCL, such as the JFIGS Friday Forums, the activities organised by the Institute of Advanced Studies, the European Institute and many more. CMII research students also run the Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry.


How To Write A Research Proposal

A proposal should convince scholars that your project is conceptually innovative, methodically rigurous and offers substantive content.

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