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CFP Belonging and Transgression

UCL Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry (SCCI) Post-graduate Conference 2016  Thursday 23rd – Friday 24th June, 2016

We invite submissions from all cultural disciplines, including but not limited to:

Literary Criticism and Theory; Film Studies and Photography; Politics and Political theory; History; Sociology; Modern Languages; Philosophy; Economics; Art; Psychology/Psychoanalysis; Cultural Studies; Translation Studies; Gender studies.

Please send an abstract (250 words), 5 keywords and a brief biographical statement (50 words) to culturalinquiry.ucl@gmail.com. The deadline for submissions is Friday 22 April 2016.

A selection of contributions to the conference will be considered for publication in the Society’s journal, Tropos.

Full CfP with conference details.

UCL- Royal African Society Lecture Series

We are pleased to announce that during the 2015/2016 academic year UCL African Studies (UCL Institute of Advanced Studies) and the Royal African Society will present a joint lecture series exploring issues of African Heritage and Politics. The series will feature key invited speakers from a range of disciplines and approaches.

Weathering climate change in Eastern Africa: Predictions, power and politics

Wednesday 22 June, 1 - 5pm

IAS Common Ground, Wilkins Building, UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT

Africa is commonly presented as the continent most vulnerable to climate change, yet current climate predictions for Eastern Africa are uncertain: increased rainfall seems as likely as aridity and there will be considerable spatial and temporal variation. If the future is unclear, the past is less so with Eastern African communities having long histories of experiencing and making the most out of extreme weather events. The region thus presents a unique historic record of adaptation and resilience that can and occasionally does feed into current perceptions and responses. Go to Eventbrite to find out more and to register.

Postgraduate Taught Experience

We’re keen to make sure postgraduate students have the best possible experience while studying at UCL. To do that we need to know what you think we are doing well and what we can do better.

The Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey or PTES is a national survey of postgraduate taught students inviting them to comment on their course and experience.


The Ailing City

A Screening Series Hosted by the Ephemeral Cities Research Group

Cities are modernity’s ever-changing hubs of people, architectures and culture. Time and time again, the intense urban environment has been perceived as causing sickness or influencing the experiences of illness. The metaphorical rhetoric of disease has also been applied to unwanted transformations of city architecture and culture. Our screening series “The Ailing City” explores how film engages with (and reflects) illness and perceptions of sickness and health in urban space. Visit our website.

London's Silent Cinemas

Chris O'Rourke's website explores the history of cinema exhibition in London from the emergence of permanent film venues in 1906 to the end of the silent film era around 1930.

It documents the early lives of over 700 cinemas across London and its suburbs, using information gathered from local histories, city council records, film trade journals and directories, cinema programmes, street directories and historic maps and plans.

Between the Lines: Conversations in Translation

What makes translation creative? What happens when we read translations? Go to 'Between the Lines' to hear translators in conversation about their work.

As well as translators, writers, critics talk personally and freely with Timothy Mathews about different experiences of translation. Publishers of translations talk about discovering books in different languages and about making them accessible.

The Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry

The Graduate Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry holds fortnightly discussion seminars.

This seminar is an opportunity for Graduate Students in SELCS and CMII to present their work - a chapter, essay, a research, conference proposal, work in progress - to a group of peers in an informal setting, followed by a group discussion.

UCL African Studies Student Blog

Read the new blog where students on the UCL African Studies MSc/MA (and students on related UCL courses) post their thoughts, ideas and opinions and engage with the broader African Studies community.

TermSeeker - an app developped by CMII students

Students from the MA Translation, Theory and Practice are developping a new app which will help you to find terminology on-line. Read about their experiences and discoveries in their blog.

CMII announces three new MA programmes for 2016/17

Health Humanities

Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health

Early Modern Studies