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We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please try the Moodle handbook or contact us. Please always include your student number when you write to us, so that we can help you more quickly andefficiently.   

MA Students FAQ

Can I change my modules after the first week of term?
How do I submit coursework?
When is the deadline for my coursework?
How can I apply for an extension?
I have had an accident or suffered an illness, a bereavement or another unforeseen circumstance which impacts my ability to study and/or submit coursework. What do I need to do?
I need to be away from UCL for more than 48 hours. What is the correct procedure?
When will I get feedback on my work?
Who do I contact if I have to miss a class due to sickness / an urgent appointment?
I forgot to sign the register – what do I do?
Who is my personal tutor and how often should I see them?
What is the procedure regarding my dissertation? How do I find a supervisor? When do I need to do what?
I study part-time. When will I write my dissertation?
Is there a dedicated space just for postgraduate students?
How can I get help with academic writing?
Where can I get Career Advice?
Are there volunteering opportunities?
I feel overwhelmed, what can I do?
Wow strict is the word limit?

Research Students FAQ

How can I apply for funding to attend a conference / do extra research?
Where can I find information about skills training?
I'm interested in teaching - what do I need to do?
I have taught / done work for CMII - how can I get paid?
What is the Research Log and why do I need to use it?


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