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Alessandro Gallenzi - Alma Classics and Translation

11 September 2013


Timothy Mathews talks with Alessandro Gallenzi, the managing editor of Alma Books, about his long and varied experience in publishing translations of European literature and writing them.

Previously the founder of The Hesperus Press, Alessandro Gallenzi is the founder and the managing editor of Alma Books, winner of the independent publisher of the year 2013, as well as a novelist, poet, playwright, and translator. He commissions and publishes translations of a wide range of European literature from the Medieval period to the present in both prose and verse. Here he talks widely about his approach to commissioning translations, about his approach to  translating verse of different periods into both Italian and English, and about the translation he is working on now of W H Auden’s poetry into Italian. The interview ends with a properly inspirational message to young translators.