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Tim Williams

Contact Information

Institute of Archaeology, UCL
Direct telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 4722

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Current Positions

Senior Lecturer, Managing Archaeological Sites
Director of the Ancient Merv Project

Merv Project Research

Merv, Turkmenistan - research, site management & conservation of this important Silk Road complex of cities. The current project has a number of over-arching aims: a) To improve our understanding of the survival and potential of the archaeological resource. b) To undertake active research into the cities, to aid in both their management and research. c) To develop the information base upon which decisions about the management and interpretation. d) To develop the local skills base. e) To develop active management of the archaeological resource. f) To make research data available to the widest academic audience

Merv Project Collaboration

Merv, Turkmenistan - National Department for the Protection, Study and Restoration of Historical and Cultural Monuments, Ministryof Culture; 'Ancient Merv' Archaeological Park; State Institute of Cultural History of the Peoples of Turkmenistan, Central Asia and the East; CRATerre-EAG (Grenoble); UNESCO; World Monuments Fund; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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