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Sjoerd van der Linde

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Institute of Archaeology, UCL
Email: Sjoerd van der Linde

Personal Information

I am a MA graduate Managing Archaeological Sites at the Institute of Archaeology, interested in the management, conservation, interpretation and presentation of the archaeological heritage, and of earthen architecture in particular. At present, I am involved as a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology, and with the Ancient Merv Project in particular.

My dissertation focused on the interpretation and presentation of an archaeological section through an earthen city wall in Merv. The research investigated the interpretational value of the earthen architectural stratigraphy, and explored the possibilities and constraints deriving from potential presentation methodologies in relation to the general interpretation strategy, conservational needs and management plan. It subsequently developed a balanced approach towards the presentation of the earthen architecture in its archaeological context.

During an internship at the National Ethnology Museum in Leiden, the Netherlands, I worked on the on-site documentation of contemporary earthen architecture in the town of Dia, Mali. The research dealt with mudbrick technology and the building process, with restoration, repair and maintenance, with social and cultural traditions, and with the relevance of the derived information for the surrounding archaeological material. Considerable effort was put into the presentation of the research, making use of computer techniques, such as Virtual Reality. Part of this research was converted into my BA-thesis for Archaeological Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands. The research lead to a written and digital publication with the Ethnological Museum in Leiden (an english version of the internet publication will be available shortly).

Further archaeological experience includes participation in workshops and excavations in Syria, the Netherlands and Palestine.

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