Subjects covered

  • The enterprise context
  • Enterprise and society
  • Organisational and team design
  • Power, leadership and motivation
  • The supply chain
  • Strategy
  • Business models
  • The economic environment
  • Marketing
  • Valuing projects
  • Financing the organisation
  • Contracts, procurement and negotiation
  • Business plan exercise
  • Contract negotiation case study
  • Business ethics
  • Business ethics case study

The Business Environment


This module introduces students to the business aspects of organisations engaged in developing technology, to enable them to make effective decisions that are sensitive to the needs of the enterprise. 

The nature of the working environment (organisational behaviour) is discussed, including organisational structures, aspects of power, leadership and motivation.

We explore the generic strategies and business models employed by successful organisations, as well as how to market products and how to evaluate projects financially using the concept of net present value and real options, and how organisations are financed – including traditional sources as well as new developments in crowd sourcing.

Since technology products are rarely develop by one supplier organisation in isolation, we also discuss outsourcing and how to manage a supply chain, including contract management and the process of inviting and responding to proposals for new projects. 

As well as discussing these internal activities of the organisation, we seek to develop an understanding of the economic environment we face when embarking on new our projects is developed. This is through a high-level look at basic economic principles such as supply and demand, cost and revenue, profitability, differentiation and barriers to market entry, as well as an analysis of the current global economic conditions.

Throughout, learning is supported with use of case studies that demonstrate the application of taught principles.

Sources of Innovation

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