PHAS4665/SPCEG002(SS109) Space Plasma and Magnetospheric Physics

Dealing principly in plasma physics, this course details the phenomena associated with interactions between the solar wind and the terrestrial magnetosphere, as well as with comets and asteroids.

Key concepts in magnetohydrodynamics are discussed, incorporating definitions of Debye shielding, plasma waves and Alfven waves, and considering sources and sinks of electromagnetic energy in the magnetosphere.

The nature and motions of solar system plasmas, magnetic field structure in the inner heliosphere, propagation of magnetosonic waves, collisionless shocks, and plasma turbulence are covered in the context of magnetic substorms, geomagnetic storms, coronal mass ejections and other geoeffective phenomena.

Solar wind interactions with magnetised and unmagnetised bodies, both with and without atmospheres, are also covered.

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