13th Solar Orbiter SWA Team meeting held in Rome, 23-27 July 2013

27 July 2013

Members of MSSL's PI team for the Solar Orbiter SWA investigation went to Rome to meet with consortium colleagues from France, Italy and the USA at the 13th SWA team meeting. 

Latest developments in the Solar Orbiter Program and in the development of SWA hardware were reviewed.  The status of the consortium as it heads towards ESA's formal 'Critical Design Review', which is scheduled for October/November 2013, was discussed.  In particular, the team welcomed and held first discussions with new partners responsible for the provision of the SWA DPU from Italy.  Chris Owen (SWA Principal Investigator), Chris Brockley-Blatt (SWA Project manager), Barry Hancock (SWA Systems Engineer), Dhiren Kataria (SWA Instrument Scientist) and Alex Rousseau (SWA Contamination manager) represented MSSL at the meeting.

Complete EAS STM Dual head

Picture caption:  The SWA Electron Analyser System (EAS) Structural Thermal Model (STM) assembled ahead of vibration tests at MSSL in June 2012.

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