SWA PI Team meet with new SWA DPU Partners, Naples, 5-7 Aug 2013

7 August 2013

Members of MSSL's PI team for the Solar Orbiter SWA investigation, together with Dr Roberto Bruno, SWA co-PI for the DPU, went to Naples to meet with the consortium which has recently won the new Italian industrial contract for the provision of the DPU.  

An intensive 3 days was spent exchanging information on DPU requirements and the currently agreed technical baseline, in order that the new DPU team can rapidly come up to speed in this late stage of the development program, and come up with a consolidated DPU design in time for ESA's formal 'Critical Design Review' of SWA, which will now be delayed until early 2014.  The new partners responsible for the provision of the SWA DPU from Italy are a consortium consisting of Techno System Development - Space Srl (Pozzuoli, Naples, Lead), Planetek Italia Srl (Bari), SSI S.p.A. (Taranto) and Sitael S.p.A. (Modugno, Bari).  The Italian Space Agency ASI were represented at the meeting.  MSSL were represented by Chris Owen (SWA Principal Investigator), Chris Brockley-Blatt (SWA Project manager) and Barry Hancock (SWA Systems Engineer).

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Picture caption:  Meeting venue, TSD-Space premises in Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy (Image courtesy TSD-Space).

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