SWA instruments on Display on Solar Orbiter STM Spacecraft

20 March 2015

On 13th March 2015 Airbus Stevenage invited the UK Instrument PI's and the national press to view the Structural and Thermal Model of the Solar Orbiter Spacecraft, which has just been completed with the installation of the heatshield.  The STM will now go off for testing in Germany. 

Prof Chris Owen attended on behalf of SWA and was pleased to see the STM models of the SWA PAS and HIS sensors sitting behind their cut-outs in the heatshield.  In addition, he witnessed the integration of the STM boom to the spacecraft, complete with the mass dummy for the SWA EAS sensor.  The event generated a number of articles in the press and elsewhere, including:

Article in the UK national newspaper 'The Guardian'.

Article in the UK national newspaper 'The Times'.

Blog article from Oli Usher (UCL).

boom onto STM SCPAS STM on SC 2

Image 1: The STM boom, complete with SWA/EAS mass dummy, is integrated onto the Solar Orbiter STM spacecraft (Image credit: Oli Usher, UCL).

Image 2: The STM for SWA/PAS, complete with red tag cover, looks up through its corner cut-out in the spacecraft heat shield (Image credit: Oli Usher, UCL).

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