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Dr. Colin Forsyth at RSGB Convention 2014

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RSGB Convention 2014

Dr. Colin Forsyth was invited to talk at the Radio Society of Great Britain's annual convention, held at Kents Hill Conference Centre in Milton Keynes. His talk, entitled HF Propagation Alphabet Soup covered the science behind standard global space weather indices and how these can be interpreted for high frequency radio wave propagation.

Solar Orbiter SWA Critical Design Review completes in ESTEC

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Members of the SWA team at CDR

Together with consortium colleagues from France, Italy and the USA, members of MSSL's PI team for the Solar Orbiter SWA investigation returned to ESTEC in the Netherlands for the 2-day co-location meeting for the Critical Design Review (CDR) of the SWA instrument suite. 

MSSL students attend Solar Orbiter Summer School

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MSSL students at the Solar Orbiter Summer School

The Solar Orbiter Summer School took place from the 22nd – 25th September in L’Aquila Italy. It was a great opportunity for all the students to learn about the instrumentation and science motivation behind the Solar Orbiter spacecraft from the PI’s of the instruments themselves (incl. Chris Owen PI for SWA). The students were all invited to give talks about their work and how it would benefit from Solar Orbiter; all MSSL students (Jack Carlyle, Marianna Felici, Alice Foster and Stephanie Yardley) contributed great talks!

Cluster-MAARBLE-Van Allen Probes Workshop 2014

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Geospace Revisited conference poster

Prof. Andrew Fazakerley, Drs. Colin Forsyth and Dimitry Pokhotelov and students Kirthika Mohan and Ali Varsani all attended the 24th Cluster Workshop, entitled "Geospace Revisited" and held in conjunction with the Van Allen Probes and MAARBLE communities. The workshop took place at the Rodos Palace hotel on the greek island of Rhodes.

Solar Orbiter SWA Critical Design Review kicks-off in ESTEC

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Barry Hancock in action.

Together with consortium colleagues from France, Italy and the USA, members of MSSL's PI team for the Solar Orbiter SWA investigation went to ESTEC in the Netherlands to make the kick-off presentation for the Critical Design Review (CDR) of the SWA instrument suite. 

Solar Orbiter SWA/EAS in Critical EMC Tests in Berlin

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EAS in Boom Test 2

The engineering model of UCL/MSSL's Electron Analyser System (EAS), which is a part of the Solar Wind Analysers Suite on ESA's forthcoming Solar Orbiter Mission, was delivered to the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Berlin in order to take part in EM interference testing between the boom-mounted instruments.

Dr. Colin Forsyth at the Festival of Nature

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Dr. Colin Forsyth at the Festival of Nature in Bristol, June 2014. Photo credit: Jon Craig

Dr. Colin Forsyth was invited to talk at the Festival of Nature Wild Weekend run by the Bristol Natural History Consortium. Dr. Forsyth's talk, entitled "The Greatest Light Show on Earth", was given to a packed tent at the harbour side in Bristol.

Plasma Group Welcomes Dr Zhonghua Yao

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Dr. Zhonghua Yao

The MSSL Space Plasmas Group warmly welcomes Dr Zhonghua Yao as a new colleague.  Dr Yao joins us from the School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University in China, where he recently completed a Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Zuyin Pu, a longstanding and trusted colleague and a leading scientist in our field in China.  More specifically, Zhonghua's research work addresses one of the central issues of magnetotail physics, and one which has been of great interest to our group for some time, that of the role of fast flow enhancements in the transport of mass and energy within the magnetotail during magnetospheric substorms.

First Joint ESA-China Academy of Science Joint Scientific Space Mission Workshop

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Prof. Andrew Fazakerley and Dr J. Rae attended this workshop in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China on 25, 26 Feb 2014. They presented an auroral space mission concept targeted on substorm onset science questions, and made useful contacts with potential Chinese collaborators. They also supported posters concerning the Ravens and AXIOM mission concepts on behalf colleagues who could not attend the meeting. On a free day following the workshop, they visited the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and saw many giant pandas and red pandas. The famously spicy local cuisine was also sampled.

Cluster Science Operations Working Group meeting #60

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The Eberbach Monastery (photo by G. Watson)

Prof. Andrew Fazakerley (Cluster PEACE PI) and Gill Watson (lead of the PEACE Operations Team at MSSL) attended this meeting at the European Space Operatipons Centre (ESOC), Darmstadt, Germany on 4, 5 Mar 2014, and contributed 3 presentations. The recent progress of the mission was reviewed and forward planning was done for the coming year. Initial work was done on a longer range science plan, with a future mission extension in mind. In the evening, the retiring Cluster Spacecraft Operations Manager arranged a cultural and dining visit to the Eberbach monastery in the Rhinegau region (where some of the filming of "The Name of the Rose" was done).

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