Previous Missions

The Space Plasma Physics group has been involved in a number of space missions that have now concluded. This involvement has come through providing hardware and expertise as co-investigators.

 Mission Objective Timeline Involvement
GEOS 1 and 2 Measure fields and plasma around geosynchronous orbit 1977-1982  G. Wrenn, PI of S302 Suprathermal Plasma Analyser
Meteosat 2  Weather/climate monitoring 1981-1991 A. Johnstone, PI of Spacecraft Environment Monitor
AMPTE Measure particles and fields in the near-Earth plasma environment 1984-1985 A. Johnstone, PI of UKS ion instrument
Meteosat 3 Weather/climate monitoring 1988-1995 A. Coates, PI of Spacecraft Environment Monitor 2
CRRES Measure particles and fields in the near-Earth plasma environments and study the radiation belts 1990-1991 Hardware provider, Low Energy Particle Analyser, A. Johnstone Co-I
Pulsaur Sounding rocket to investigate pulsating aurora 1994 Hardware provider, MCP + readout
STRV Technology demonstrator and test-bed for harsh environments 1994-1998 A. Johnstone, PI of Cold Ion Detector
WIND Examine magnetospheric and solar wind plasmas 1994-present C. Owen, MAG team member
Interball-Tail Investigation of the magnetopause 1995-2000  A. Johnstone, Co-I
Polar Multi-spectral observations of the aurora and examination of energy deposition into the ionosphere 1996-2008 Hardware provider, MCP + readout for TIMAS, A. Johnstone Co-I
Cluster ESA's multi-spacecraft mission to study the magnetosphere 1996 - crashed A. Johnstone, PI of PEACE

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