Data Access

PEACE Electron data

Data from the PEACE instruments is freely available from the Cluster Active Archive. This data repository contains the latest, publication quality data from all the instruments on Cluster. Quicklook plots and browse data are available from the Cluster Science Data System UK Data Centre. Orbit data and predictions are available from the Joint Science Operations Centre.

Analysing and understanding data from the PEACE instruments is non-trivial, due in part to spacecraft operations and nuances in the data processing. We highly recommend that people wishing to use the PEACE data contact Prof. Andrew Fazakerley or a relevant member of the group for assistance is processing and understanding the PEACE data.

The QSAS data analysis software has been, and continues to be, developed specifically for the analysis and presentation of data from space plasma instruments, specifically those on Cluster. QSAS includes a number of tools specifically designed for analysing particle data. As such, we recommend that QSAS is used to analyse PEACE data.

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