Recent Seminars

09 October 2018 - Dr. T. Elsden (St Andrews)
Magnetospheric Field Line Resonances in 3D

08 October 2018 - Dr. F. Plaschke (IWF Graz)
Jets in the Magnetosheath: Origin, Evolution, and Impact

17 September 2018 - D. Stansby (Imperial)
Preparing to re-visit the inner heliosphere

Space Plasma Physics Meetings

Seminars by external speakers

The Space Plasma Physics group invites outside speakers to visit MSSL and present their research to the lab. We see this as an opportunity to further our understanding of space plasmas and create collaborative links with scientists around the world.

If you are interested in giving a seminar at MSSL, please contact Chris Owen, Colin Forsyth or Daniel Verscharen, whose details can be found on the People page. Please see the seminar programme for recent and upcoming speakers.

Group meetings

The Space Plasma Physics group holds weekly group meetings during term time in conjunction with the Planetary Science group. These offer group members the chance to discuss their latest work or recent papers. Please see the rota for a list of recent and upcoming discussions.


Our group actively participates in domestic and international meetings and conferences. We keep a living conference calendar up to date with information on upcoming conferences.

London Space Plasma Meeting

MSSL is one of the organising institutions of the London Space Plasma Meeting (LSPM) together with Queen Mary University London and Imperial College London. These meetings take place in London once a semester. One distinguished keynote speaker presents a topic of general interest to the space plasma community. Afterwards, the LSPM provides a platform to discuss topics worked on by the community. For current information, see the LSPM website.