Centre for Space Medicine

Public Engagement

School Outreach

  • CSM is involved in UK Space Agency programme, "Mission X: Train like an astronaut". It is an international six week challenge bringing the excitement of space exploration to kids through physical and educational activities. For more information please follow this link. Our contact person for this programme is Dr Iya Whiteley
  • For more information on Space related Science follow this link to MSSL Outreach information

Public Lectures 



Science TV & Radio Programmes

  • BBC Two - Dara O'Briain Science Club Ep 4 Space Travel, Dr Iya Whiteley view live on 27 November 2012 at 21:00 or on BBC iPlayer
  • BBC Two - To Boldly Go: Down, Dr Kevin Fong
  • BBC Two - To Boldly Go: Up, Dr Kevin Fong
  • Space Shuttle, Dr Kevin Fong
  • BBC Two – Horizon: Back from the Dead, Dr Kevin Fong
  • BBC Two – Horizon: How To Mend A Broken Heart, Dr Kevin Fong 
  • BBC Radio 3 Programmes - Free Thinking Festival, 2011, Dr Kevin Fong
  • For a more detailed Dr Kevin Fong's filmography see IMDb

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