Solar & Stellar Group Alumni

Stephanie Yardley PhD Student Post-doc at University of St. Andrews
Sally Dacie PhD student PhD student at Max Planck
David Pérez-Suárez Postdoctoral research associate Research Software Development group at UCL
David Williams Lecturer Instrument Operations Scientist, Solar Orbiter Science Ground Segment 
Tom Pollard PhD Student PDRA, MIT
Jack Carlyle PhD student PDRA, University of Oslo
Ailsa Prise PhD student Civil servant
David Shelton PhD student Outreach officer, Bloodhound 
Gemma Attrill PhD student DSTL
Mitch Berger UCL Professor of Maths University of Exeter, Professor of Maths
Laura Bone Postdoctoral Research Fellow Trainee Patent Attorney(Olswang)
Nathan Ching EGSO developer Sony (Web Services Developer for PlayStation 3)
Ingolf Dammasch Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Giulio Del Zanna Research Fellow STFC AF at University of Cambridge, UK
Ben Dobke Placement Year Student PhD Student at Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
Maria Teresa Eibe Postdoctoral Research Fellow PDRA at Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Spain
Carl Foley Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Christopher Goff PhD Student DSTL
Alexi Glover PhD Student ESA SSA
Kuniko Hori Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Hilary Kay Postdoctoral Research Fellow PDRA at University of Oxford
Maria Madjarska Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Lee McDonald PhD Student Financial Sector
Michelle Murray Posdoctoral Research Fellow Educational Sector
Spiros Patsourakos Postdoctoral Research Fellow PDRA at Naval Research Lab, USA
Neale Ranns PhD Student Cisco Systems
Kimberley Steed Postdoctoral Research Fellow PDRA at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Armin Theissen Postdoctoral Research Fellow PDRA at Royal Observatory Beligium
Tibor Toeroek Research Fellow PDRA at Observatoire de Paris, France
Durgesh Tripathi Research Fellow PDRA at University of Cambridge, UK
Urmila Mitra Kraev Research Fellow/PhD Student PDRA at University of Sheffield, UK
Alison Hartshown (nee Wallace)  PhD student Trainee careers adviser, The Careers Group