Len Culhane

My Research Interests are
  • Nature of solar flares: energetics, hot plasma creation and flows, plasma heating and cooling
  • Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs): energy storage, triggering and launching
  • Filament heating and eruption
  • Eruptions beyond the sun: passage of shocks and driver material through the interplanetary mediumThe structure of emerging magnetic fields that form active regions
My BIG Question about Solar & Stellar Physics is

''How does the solar dynamo really work?'' 

A Solar Fact I Find Fascinating is

"Our species will probably end long before the Sun dies - magnificent if we were to survive against the odds!"

One Fact About Me is

"In spite of a concern for the Earth's climate, I remain a devotee of formula one car racing."

Len Culhane image

TRACE observed this M1 flare on 14 September 2000 in its 171A passband - most sensitive to emission from gas around 1 million degrees. Cooling plasma after the main flare is shown with another smaller flare just beginning.

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