David Williams

My Research Interests are
  • How waves pass through the solar atmosphere: can we measure it, and what clues do we gain from it about the inter-locked structure of the emitting plasma and the magnetic field?
  • The structure of active regions: waves and flows inside loops, and the effects that those processes have on the emission from these structures.
  • What processes drive CMEs? Are they instability-driven, does the coronal magnetic field just make way for them, or is something else responsible?
My BIG Question about Solar & Stellar Physics is 

''It's not easy to simulate how bright active regions are cooler temperatures, so why do they look like they do?''  

A Solar Fact I Find Fascinating is

Lots of the research I do involves looking at super-hot iron in the Sun. The same element is in our blood stream and keeps us all alive. And it all came from a much older star that died billions of years ago in a supernova. I love that connection! :o) 

One Fact About Me is 

I spent nearly three years living in Japan, and although I can quite happily eat fermented soy beans, I still can't eat shrimp...