Flight Software

The following tables present summary information for each space project involving MSSL as having either flight software, or significant test equipment computer software responsibility. It shows who may be contacted for experience on particular aspects including flight software, Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE), processors, languages, development systems; and demonstrates the breadth of experience embodied in those involved, and the laboratory as a whole.

Mission Instrument Launch  CPUs  Launguages
ExoMars PanCam 2018  Leon Java, UML
Hinode EIS 2006 ADSP21020 C, assembler 
SWIFT UVOT 2003 MA31750a Ada, assembler 
CLUSTER PEACE 2000 T222x2 per satellite occam, assembler
XMM - OM Optical Monitor 1999  MA31750a (DSP56001x4) assembler, Ada, C 
XMM - RGS RGS 1999 MA31750a x2 assembler, Ada
SOHO CDS [CDHS, GIS] 1995 T800x3 T222 occam, assembler
SOLAR-A - Yohkoh SOLAR-A - Yohkoh 1991 NSC800 assembler
ROSAT   1990 NSC800 assembler
METEOSAT-P2 METEOSAT-P2 1988 1802 assembler
SPACELAB-2 (CHASE) SPACELAB-2 (CHASE) 1985 6809 assembler
AMPTE - JPA AMPTE - JPA 1984 1802 assembler

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