Current Projects

This is a list of projects currently being undertaken by the MSSL Software Engineering Group

  Mission Project Work Performed by MSSL 
CryoSat 2 : courtesy of ESA CryoSat
  • Mission performance Simulation
  • Data Processing Chains
  • Expert Support to ESA
  • QA of Processing and Data Products (QA website)
Envisat spececraft : courtesy of ESA ENVISAT
  • Expert Support Laboratory for RA2 Level-2 Ice Processing
  • Operational performance monitoring and QA (RA2-QA website)
ERS-2 spacecraft : courtesy of ESA  ERS
  • Reprocessing of entire archive of Altimeter Data from ERS-1 and ERS-2 (Reaper)
  • Operational QA of WAP data products
ExoMars Lander : courtesy of ESA ExoMars
  • Flight software for PanCam
Gaia Logo Gaia
  • Data Processing Chains for Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS)
GlobAlbedo Logo GlobAlbedo
GlobIce Logo GlobIce
  • Deriving new Sea Ice Dynamics data products from ASAR data
  • Virtual database for Heliospheric Physics
launch of Solar-B/Hinode : courtesy of ESA/JAXA Hinode
  • Operational support for flight software on the EIS instrument
Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) James Webb Space Telescope
  • Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec) Calibration Light Sources (CLS) - calibration control software
  • NIRSpec Shack Hartmann Detector system (SHD) ground calibration system control software 
  • Reprocessing of historical ERS Altimeter data
Sentinel-3 spacecraft : courtesy of ESA Sentinel-3
  • Products and Algorithms Definition for Level 2 non-ocean altimetry
Swift spacecraft : courtesy of ESA  Swift
  •  Operational support for UVOT flight software
  • Virtual observatory technology applied to particle physics databases
WAP Project Graphic  WAP-QA
  • Quality Assurance of Alitmeter Waveform Products from UK Processing and Archiving Facility
  •  XMM-OM : Operational support
  • XMM-RGS : Operational support

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