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Daisuke Kawata
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Philippa Elwell
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Choosing a Supervisor

The group web pages are linked below where further information on the supervisors' research areas can be found.

To email an individual supervisor, add 'AT' to the id in brackets next to their name (e.g. id AT Please feel free to contact the prospective supervisors and discuss your future exciting project! We always like to hear from the enthusiastic students.


  • Astrophysics: Graziella Branduardi-Raymont (g.branduardi-raymont), Mark Cropper (m.cropper), Ignacio Ferreras (i.ferreras), Daisuke Kawata (d.kawata), Thomas Kitching (t.kitching), Jason McEwen (jason.mcewen), Mat Page (, Kinwah Wu (kinwah.wu), Silvia Zane (s.zane)
  • Theory: Kinwah Wu (kinwah.wu), Silvia Zane (s.zane)
  • Solar and Stellar Physics: Lucie Green (, Louise Harra (l.harra), Sarah Matthews (sarah.matthews),Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi (l.vandriel)

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