Nick Veck

PhD in Solar Physics

Dr Veck has worked in the Space community since 1977, first as an academic in the field of X-ray astronomy and since 1983 as an industrial scientist and senior manager. Dr Veck is well known throughout the European Earth Observation community and is respected as an ambassador between the space and ground segment engineering communities, user markets, government, academia and the geo-information applications industry. He has experience in business management, having completed a Diploma in Management Studies in 1990 and has worked within government at the British National Space Centre (BNSC). Dr Veck is currently Chairman of the United Kingdom Industrial Space Committee (UKISC), the national trade association, and also sits on a number of other industrial, government and academic committees, offering advice for various policy decisions. In 2003, Dr Veck was appointed non-Executive Director of Infoterra Ltd (previously, the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) Ltd). In this role, he reports directly to EADS Astrium in France, responsible for the development in the UK of transverse European projects, and specifically the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) initiative. Prior to that appointment, Dr Veck, as an Executive Director of Infoterra, has been responsible for the development of new geo-information products and services across the business, and specifically of a new global geo-information business based upon exploitation of a proposed radar satellite, TerraSAR. Dr Veck's secondment to the BNSC between 1995 and 1997 gave him responsibility for industrial sponsorship issues across the whole UK space industry. He was specifically concerned at the BNSC with increasing the competitiveness of the UK industry, through the implementation of various techniques, including best practice benchmarking and the development of customer-supplier partnerships. Dr Veck was responsible for BNSC's Technology Foresight input, where he chaired the Space Group and initiated the Space Foresight Programme. During this period, he developed a particular interest in improving links between government, academics and industry and in determining the real customer requirements for space technologies. Prior to this secondment, Dr Veck was responsible to the NRSC Managing Director for the development and promotion of Earth Observation Science and Technology throughout the company. As an Executive Director on the board of the company, he also contributed to NRSC's strategic business planning and implementation. Before this strategic appointment, in 1995, Dr Veck was responsible for all aspects of the Remote Sensing Applications Department at NRSC. This included application of Geographic Information Systems; production mapping; agricultural monitoring and yield forecasting; environment impact assessments; environmental monitoring; applications research and development, particularly in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR); training; and many other diverse remote sensing and geo-information consultancy projects. Before joining the NRSC in 1991, Dr Veck was a Group Chief and Principal Research Associate at the GEC-Marconi Research Centre, working with SAR, primarily for customers within the European Space Agency (ESA) and the UK Government. Prior to that (between 1983 and 1986), he held an appointment as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the Department of Theoretical Physics, at the University of Oxford.

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