Lee McDonald

PhD in Solar Physics

After leaving MSSL in December 1999, I took time to do some travelling (and followed the standard backpacker route of Australia and South East Asia). Then in October 2000 I moved to London and started a career as a Management Consultant with Accenture (called Andersen Consulting at the time). My career began with a 6 week training course in Milton Keynes and Chicago to introduce the basics of consulting. I found that the skills I learnt at MSSL, especially project management, problem solving, presenting, IT, and analysing ideas, came in particularly useful.  On my return from initial training, I was assigned to the Accenture engagement at the London Stock Exchange. I have been consulting at the Stock Exchange throughout my career (not the normal path for a Management Consultant), but I have worked in many roles and on many projects. One of the more interesting projects I worked on was to devise and set up the 'insider-trading' rules and surveillance systems for the Stock Exchange's new Covered Warrants market in 2002. Another interesting project was to predict the size of the Stock Market between 2002 and 2007, and to predict any new initiatives or mergers that could impact this. In 2004 I was responsible for creating the market surveillance for the Stock Exchange's move to take over the Dutch market.  As Head of Project Management in Accenture's outsourcing engagement at the London Stock Exchange I was responsible for simultaneously coordinating approximately 60 projects, dealing with the issues they throw up, and keeping track of their finances. It also involved liaising with the Stock Exchange's Senior Management to agree on new project initiatives and strategies for their technology. Recently I moved to work directly for the Stock Exchange. The job is always challenging, but it is always good fun too.

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