Alexi Glover

PhD in Solar Physics

Since graduating Alexi has been working at ESA. Her work is involved in the ESA Space Weather Applications Activities, Space Environments and Effects Analysis Section, ESA-ESTEC (Contractor: Rhea System) and activities covering all elements of the ESA Space Weather applications initiative. Her role involves;  Coordinating and monitoring the ESA Space Weather Applications Pilot Project together with ESA staff. The Pilot Project consists of a network of 18 activities with Agency funding, plus several activities with independent funding. The aim of these activities is to develop a coordinated network of Space Weather applications services in Europe and also to gauge the costs and benefits for Europe of a potential future Space Weather applications programme.  She is responsible for following the day-to-day technical progress of each of these activities and ensuring good communication and information exchange between all parties. She is responsible for the coordination and organisation of the annual ESA Space Weather Workshops. Together with colleagues from the Space Environments and Effects Analysis Section, she organised workshops in 2001, 2002 and 2003 and led the local organising committee for the First European Space Weather Week, 2004.  She is the Executive Secretary of the ESA Space Weather Working Team (SWWT). The Space Weather Working Team is an inter-organisational working group set up to advice ESA on future activities in Space Weather. The working group acts as a forum for presentation of new proposals and opportunities for Space Weather related activities in Europe  Her role involves communication of ESA s Space Weather applications activities. This includes coordination of the ESA Space Weather Web Server and regularly giving presentations at workshops and conferences promoting ESA's Space Weather applications activities. I am also Editor (2001-2005) of the Space Weather Euro News (SWEN) newsletter providing news and information about activities of interest to the European space weather community.  She liaises with European and International activities relating to Space Weather. Responsibilities include: o Following the activities of several EU funded COST (Coordination in Science and Technology) Actions: she regularly attends Management Committee meetings of the EU funded COST 724 action titled "Developing the Scientific Basis for Monitoring, Modelling and Predicting Space Weather" representing the ESA Space Environment and Effects Analysis Section at ISES (International Space Environment Service) meetings  She is a member of the COSPAR Panel for Space Weather she has also recently been involved in the preparation of several Space Weather related proposals submitted to the EU/FP6 programme. This has involved presenting Space Weather and its possible implications for Europe to commission representatives in Brussels on behalf of ESA.

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