Profiles and Destinations

On this page are career profiles of some of the many people MSSL PhD graduates.

PhD graduates

Graduates with PhDs from MSSL have many options for careers from space engineering, education, research, project management, engineering, IT etc.Some profiles of graduates from MSSL are given below;

  • Prof. Mike Cruise: graduated in 1973. Mike is now the Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Birmingham.
  • Prof. John Zarnecki: graduated in 1977. John has recently featured on TV being interviewed about Titan and its atmosphere.
  • Prof. Phil Charles: Phil is now Director of the South African Astronomical Observatory
  • Dr Nick Veck: graduated in 1980. Studying for his PhD in Solar Flares took him for a period of 8 months to Columbia University, NY, and 2 periods of 3 months at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
  • Dr. Lee McDonald: graduated in 1999. Now works for the London Stock Exchange.
  • Dr Alexi Glover: graduated in 2001. Alexi was the first student to win the Alan Johnstone Prize. During her PhD she spent time in Japan and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

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