MSSL has significant expertise in managing complex projects, and we share this knowledge through a number of teaching programmes.


UCL offers an APM-accredited course in project management (APMP).

Although run by UCL's Department of Management Science and Innovation in London, MSSL staff are involved in almost every delivery of this intensive, 5-day course for project management professionals.

MAST 3001/G001 Project Management

We deliver a general course in Project Management for UCL undergraduates and other UCL students several times per year.

Managing Technology Projects

Through UCL's Graduate School, we introduce UCL's community of research students to concepts in business and the management of technology.

The Managing Technology Projects course consists of three linked 2-day modules:

  • Technology Planning
  • Managing Research Projects
  • Risk Management for Technology Projects

Systems Engineering

Through UCL Centre for Systems Engineering, we offer a range of intensive short courses in Systems Engineering and an MSc in Systems Engineering Management.

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