Planetary Science Group

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Academic Staff

Name and Position Research Interests

Prof. Andrew Coates Prof. Andrew Coates, Professor in Planetary Science
Planetary magnetospheres; Plasma interaction with comets, Mars, Venus, Titan, Enceladus; Planetary surface imaging; Measuring water density in Mars' atmosphere from the surface; Radiation effects on the surface of Mars; Earth's magnetosphere and bow shock; Space weather and effects on spacecraft.
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+44 (0)1483 204145
Dr. Geraint Jones Dr. Geraint Jones, Head of Planetary Group, Reader in Planetary Science
Planetary magnetospheres and interactions with rings and moons; Cometary science; Comet- and dust-solar wind interaction; Interaction of unmagnetised planets with the solar wind; Heliospheric physics.
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+44 (0)1483 204263

Research Staff

Name and Position
Research Interests
  Email Telephone
Dr. Anne Wellbrock Dr. Anne Wellbrock, Research Associate
Plasma interactions with unmagnetised bodies in the solar system, especially Titan and comets.
  a.wellbrock +44 (0)1483 204244

Project Management Staff

Name and Position
Research Interests
  Email Telephone
Craig Leff Craig Leff, PanCam Project Manager Project management; Mission operations; Mars exploration.   c.leff +44 (0)1483 204243
Laura Mullin PNG Laura Mullin, Juice-PEP Project Manager

Project Management

Operations Staff

  Name and Position
Research Interests

Lin Gilbert Lin Gilbert, Operations Software Specialist
Cassini operations; Flight, operational and data analysis software.
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Dr. Gethyn Lewis Dr. Gethyn Lewis, Senior Research Associate and Cassini Operations Manager
Spacecraft charging; Spacecraft photoelectron and potential corrections; CAPS-ELS instrument operations; Top-hat electrostatic analysers; Data visualisation software
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+44 (0)1483 204144

Honorary Staff

  Name and Position Research Interests

  Dr. Norbert Krupp, Honorary Reader Outer planet magnetospheres and moons.
Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, Goettingen, Germany.
  krupp(at)mps.mpg.de +49 551 384 979-154
  Dr. Stefano Bagnulo, 
Honorary Reader
Polarimetric observations of solar system bodies.
Armagh Observatory.
+44 (0)28 3752 2928

Associated Academic Staff

  Name and Position Research Interests

graziella-branduardi-raymont Prof. Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, UCL-MSSL Astrophysics Group
Active Galactic Nuclei, Planets, X-ray spectroscopy, Space missions, Instrumentation   g.branduardi-raymont +44 (0)1483 204 133
  Dr. Nick Achilleos, Reader, UCL Physics and Astronomy Dept.
Modelling and observation of the ionospheres and magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, Solar Wind - Atmosphere Interaction (non-magnetised planets),
Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Interaction (magnetised planets)
  nicholas.achilleos +44 (0)20 3549 5830


Name and Position
Research Interests
  Email Telephone
Eleni Bohacek Eleni Bohacek, PhD student (supervised by David Selviah UCL Electronic & Electrical Engineering and Andrew Coates)
ExoMars PanCam
  Ravindra Desai, PhD student (supervised by Andrew Coates and Dhiren Kataria)
Saturn's Magnetosphere, Spacecraft Instrumentation
+44 (0)1483 204416
w-dunn William Dunn, PhD student (supervised by Andrew Coates and Graziella Branduardi-Raymont) Transiting Exoplanets, Jupiter's X-Ray Emission and Aurora, Atmospheric Loss LinkedIn w.dunn +44 (0)1483 204 219
Roc Nezic  Rok Nezic, Phd student (supervised by Stefan Bagnulo and Geraint Jones, based at Armagh Observatory)
Polarimetry of comets    rok.nezic.14  
Oliver Price Oliver Price, PhD student (supervised by Geraint Jones)
Roger Stabbins  Roger Stabbins (PhD student, supervised by Andrew Coates)
 ExoMars PanCam
  Aaron Stinson,
PhD student (supervised by Stefano Bagnulo and Geraint Jones). Based at Armagh Observatory.
Polarimetry of small Solar System bodies    ast(at)arm.ac.uk   
  Sam Taylor,
PhD student (supervised by Andrew Coates and Geraint Jones)
Saturn's magnetosphere

Previous Group Members

Name Research Area
Current position
Dr. Nicolas André
IRAP/CNRS, Toulouse, France
Dr. Chris Arridge Outer planets Department of Physics, Lancaster University, UK
 Dr. Kimberley Birkett
 Surrey Satellites, UK
Dr. Marta Entradas (Joint student with UCL Science and Technology Studies) Science communication
Imperial College/LSE, UK
  Dr. Marianna Felici Cassini, Maven
 Boston University Center for Space Physics, USA
Dr. Sandrine Grimald
IRAP/CNRS, Toulouse, France
Dr. Jamie Jasinski  Outer planets
University of Michigan, MI, USA
Dr. Sheila Kanani Cassini Royal Astronomical Society, UK
Dr. Hazel McAndrews
Nielsen Book, UK
Dr. Adam Masters Cassini Imperial College, UK
 Dr. Tom Nordheim
Cassini, Venus Express
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA, USA
 Dr. Yudish Ramanjooloo Comets
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, HI, USA
 Dr. Leonardo Regoli  Cassini, Maven
 University of Michigan, USA
Dr. Abigail Rymer
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, MD, USA
Dr. Neville Shane Mars/Venus Express operations University of Virginia, VA, USA
Dr. Yasir Soobiah
Mars Express
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center/University of Maryland, MD, USA
Sharon Tsang
Venus Express
Boulder, CO, USA

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