Summer Placements

Work experience and longer summer placements can be carried out in the Planetary Group at MSSL. A number of supervisors are available and the types of projects and activities vary with supervisor. Funding can be available for longer summer placements for A-level students and undergraduates. UCL is fully insured to support placements and many of our researchers have CRB Enhanced Disclosures.

Work experience

Dr. Chris Arridge supervising a summer student

During your work experience you will typically be given a real science project to work on, but you will have the opportunity to do other tasks to fully experience what it's like to work at a scientific laboratory. Usually work experience placements last one week but we have supervised placements lasting up to five weeks. Unfortunately no funding is available to support work experience. Recent work experience students have carried out projects studying Brown dwarf stars, plasma in Saturn's magnetosphere, and the moons of Saturn.

Please contact Ms. Libby Daghorn for more information but please specify that you are interested in a placement within the planetary group.

Summer placements

Longer placements over the summer are available for A-level, gap year and undergraduate students. Sometimes funding is available, especially for A-level students through the Nuffield Schools and Colleges Bursary. Typical summer placements last for four weeks and over that time you will undertake a project of your own using real scientific data and addressing current scientific issues. For students aged 16-18 there is the opportunity to have your project accredited by the CREST scheme run by the British Science Association. There is even the chance to present your project at the National Science and Engineering Competition which has some great prizes. Please contact Ms. Libby Daghorn, or Drs. Chris Arridge, Geraint Jones or Adam Masters, or Prof. Andrew Coates to apply.

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