Work Experience

There are a limited number of work experience places available in the planetary group annually.

Last year's work experience programme featured in the UCL news.

How long is work experience?

Dr. Chris Arridge supervising a summer student

Work experience in the planetary group at MSSL usually lasts for a week but a longer placement can be arranged.

What will I do on work experience?

Usually you will have a single supervisor for your placement. You will typically be given a real science project to work on, but you will have the opportunity to do other jobs to fully experience what it's like to work as a scientist at a scientific laboratory. Recent work experience students have carried out projects studying Brown dwarf stars, plasma in Saturn's magnetosphere, and the moons of Saturn. There is sometimes the opportunity to obtain a CREST award from the British Science Association for your project work. These awards are recognised by universities and employers.

What is it like doing work experience at MSSL?

The planetary group is very friendly, relaxed and informal. Scientists in our group are of all ages and come from a variety of backgrounds. We often have lunch-time BBQs at the open-air MSSL swimming pool during the summer months and enjoy the fresh air and open spaces surrounding the lab. This makes for a very pleasant and friendly working environment.

Can I be paid?

Unfortunately no funding is available to support work experience.

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