Summer Placements

Unfortunately there are no more places available for this summer (2015). If you are in interested in a placement in 2016, please be aware that it takes several months (in some cases over six months) to apply for funding (please see the links below).

What is a summer placement?

Dr. Chris Arridge supervising a summer student

Summer placements in the planetary group at MSSL allow you to spend four-six weeks working in a real scientific laboratory on real scientific problems, often at the forefront of science. These summer placements are available for A-level students and undergraduates.

Can I be paid?

Funding for A-level students may be available by applying to the Nuffield Foundation who operate a Schools and Colleges Bursary programme. Undergraduates can apply to obtain an Undergraduate Research Bursary from the Nuffield Foundation or funding from the Royal Astronomical Society. For these bursaries it is essential you contact us to arrange a placement first.

What will I do on my summer placement?

You will have a one or two supervisors during your placement who will be arranged before you start at the lab. Often the project will be decided on in advance and sometimes you will have an opportunity to pick from a range of projects. Recent summer placement projects have included:

  • Coupling of a stars and exoplanets via neutral stellar winds.
  • Studying pickup ions at Saturn's moons.
  • Searching for comets in SOHO images.

Students who are aged 16-17 are eligible to obtain a CREST award from the British Science Association for your project work. These projects are eligible for entry into the National Science and Engineering Competition and our students have won prizes at this competition in the past.

What is it like doing work experience at MSSL?

The planetary group is very friendly, relaxed and informal. Scientists in our group are of all ages and come from a variety of backgrounds. We often have lunch-time BBQs at the open-air MSSL swimming pool during the summer months and enjoy the fresh air and open spaces surrounding the lab. This makes for a very pleasant and friendly working environment.

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