Cubs and Brownies

MSSL offers activities suitable for Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides. As an example of our activities the outline of our evening activity for the Brownie Stargazing badge is below.

1. Solar System Talk [15mins]: Facts about the planets (Clause 5) and phases of the moon (Clause 4)

2. Solar System to Scale [10-15mins] (Clause 5)

3. The story of Andromeda [15mins]: Ladders game (Clause 2)

4. Constellation Map [15-10mins]: Point out the constellations (Clause 1) including the plough and North Star (Clause 1) and discuss use by sailors for navigation (Clause 6)

5. Make Star finders [15-20mins] (Clause 1)

6. Go outside and look at the stars [15-20mins] (Clause 1)

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