Prof. Andrew Fazakerley awarded RAS Chapman Medal

17 January 2012

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Prof. Andrew Fazakerley has been awarded this year's RAS Chapman Medal in recognition of his work as the Principal Investigator of the PEACE instruments on the Cluster and Double Star missions.

The RAS citation for the award is as follows:

"Professor Andrew Fazakerley of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory receives the Chapman Medal, which recognises investigations of outstanding merit in solar-terrestrial physics.

Professor Fazakerley has played a leading role in the ESA Cluster science team since 1997. As Principal Investigator of the Plasma Electron and Current Experiment (PEACE), he and his team built, tested and integrated eight PEACE sensors on the four Cluster spacecraft and then two others for the Chinese Double Star mission.

The multi-point electron measurements yielded by the eight PEACE sensors have enabled very significant advances in our understanding of the terrestrial space plasma environment. He is included in the author list of over 300 publications, including papers on magnetic reconnection and flux transfer in the magnetosphere, auroral particle acceleration processes, the physics of the radiation belts, interactions between interplanetary current sheets and the Earth's bow shock, as well as serendipitous evidence of the crustal cracking of a distant neutron star.

The detector head of the PEACE instrument HEEA sensor

Professor Fazakerley is awarded the RAS Chapman Medal in recognition of the sheer quality of the data coming from the sensors he developed, the team he leads and the outstanding results that have been and continue to be achieved, all of which have led to a significant contribution to our understanding of the magnetosphere of the Earth."

Prof. Fazakerley said "I think it is clear from the citation that the award is in recognition of my work in the role of Cluster/Double Star Principal Investigator. As such, I think that the award clearly also recognises all those who worked to design and build the instruments, those who work to operate calibrate and prepare the dataset for use by scientists, and those who exploit the data in scientific studies. Many of those people work or have worked at MSSL."

Details of the award can be found on the RAS website.

Details of the PEACE instruments can be found on the MSSL Cluster and Double Star pages.

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