Provost's visit to MSSL

6 July 2018

Prof. Andrew Fazakerley presents Prof. Michael Arthur with a picture taken by the PanCam engineering model

UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur visited MSSL today (6 July 2018), with Dean of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS) Professor Ivan Parkin and Faculty Manager Donna Williamson.

They were welcomed by MSSL Director Professor Andrew Fazakerley who gave a presentation about the excellent scientific and engineering work going on at MSSL.

They then toured the laboratory and saw work underway in the electronics and mechanical workshops, cleanrooms and laboratories, and projects including ExoMars PanCam, Solar Orbiter, Euclid and Cubesats.

After lunch in the canteen, they heard presentations on MSSL’s recent science achievements, with a selection of high profile papers over the last 2 years, covering hurricanes, aurorae on Earth and Jupiter, the Sun’s composition, gravitational waves, Milky Way dynamics and Euclid.

The trio then hosted an open Q+A session in a packed Common Room with staff and students.

At the end Prof Fazakerley presented them with mementos of their visit – an image taken of them by the PanCam Engineering model and a mat featuring a laser-cut image of MSSL.

UCL Provost Prof. Michael Arthur, MAPS Faculty Manager Donna Williamson and MAPS Dean Prof. Ivan Parkin taken using the PanCam engineering model

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