MSSL receives Euclid VIS Focal Plane Assembly

18 May 2017

Delivery of the Euclid VIS FPA to MSSL

The Euclid Visible Instrument (VIS) Focal Plan Assembly structural thermal model was delivered at MSSL on Wednesday 17th May. The VIS Instrument is one of two instruments on ESA's Euclid cosmology mission to investigate the evolution and composition of the universe, in particular the properties of dark energy, dark matter and gravity. 

The Focal Plane Assembly will capture the largest images to be transmitted to Earth from space. These images measure the light-bending effects of matter in the universe on the images of galaxies (weak gravitational lensing). This provides insights into the structure of the universe, and how this has evolved in time, which depends on the nature of dark energy. 

The delivery of structural thermal model is a key milestone for the instrument development as it allows us to verify that the instrument will survive the mechanical and thermal stresses it will be exposed to during the mission.

More picture of the delivery can be seen on the MSSL Flickr pages

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