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Electronics Design Engineer

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The focus of this particular post is the development of the PanCam instrument for the ESA Exomars programme. Exomars is a joint European and Russian mission to develop special technology for future sample return missions and to search for signs of past or present life. PanCam is a Rover based stereo camera system designed to operate in the harsh Martian environment. This instrument consists of a power converter, camera systems, filter wheel mechanisms and a field programmable gate array based digital control system. Communications with the Rover are over a Spacewire high speed digital link. LabView from National Instruments is widely used in our ground check-out systems and we use EDA design tools from Mentor Graphics.

2016 PhD Opportunities in Department of Space & Climate Physics, University College London

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Department of Space & Climate Physics (Mullard Space Science Laboratory in the beautiful countryside in Surrey, http://www.ucl.ac.uk/mssl/about-mssl/find-us/travel-by-car), University College London is currently accepting the applications for several STFC PhD positions commencing in September 2016. 

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