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Research Associate Plato Detector Scientist

This post is within the Photon Detection Systems Group (www.ucl.ac.uk/mssl/detection) in the Department of Space and Climate Physics at Mullard Space Science Laboratory. The Department is part of the UCL Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MAPS).  More...

Electronics Design Engineer

The focus of this particular post is the development of the PanCam instrument for the ESA Exomars programme. Exomars is a joint European and Russian mission to develop special technology for future sample return missions and to search for signs of past or present life. PanCam is a Rover based stereo camera system designed to operate in the harsh Martian environment. This instrument consists of a power converter, camera systems, filter wheel mechanisms and a field programmable gate array based digital control system. Communications with the Rover are over a Spacewire high speed digital link. LabView from National Instruments is widely used in our ground check-out systems and we use EDA design tools from Mentor Graphics. More...

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