Electronic Workshop

MSSL's electronic workshop in the early years
MSSL's electronic workshop in the early years

The Electronic Workshop (EWS) undertakes the construction of flight electronic assemblies, wiring harnesses and complex bespoke scientific instruments. Most of the assemblies are based on high density PCBs with an increasing amount of surface mount components.

Due to the low volume, exceptional component cost and very high standards of work required PCB assembly is carried out using a mixture of proven manual techniques and surface mount assembly machines in a controlled environment laboratory. Technical staff have all undertaken ESA training for hand soldering, PCB modification and rework, surface mount assembly, inspection, crimp wiring construction and are re-certified every 2 years.

  • ExoMars Environmental testing
  • GAIA PEM industry model
  • Airless Penetrator electronics modules
  • Solar B Monitor PCB
  • Super Nemo Preamp PCB
  • Solar B ICU PSU
  • Fight harness contamination control
  • Solar B ICU PROC digital board
  • JWST NirSpec CAA harness detail
  • JWST NirSpec CAA harness overview
  • SXO HV wires soldered to laser cut piezoelectric actuators with pure indium
  • XMM OM camera board PCB
  • NirSpec CLS OGSE bulb test at cryogenic temperatures
  • JWST NirSpec CAA connector detail
  • Solar-B flight outer harnessing
  • Mars Express Fonema instrument
  • Solar B CCDS focal plane assembly
  • Deformable X-RAY mirrors assembly
  • UVIT HV generator PCB

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