• For telephone dial +44 1483 204xxx where xxx is the extension number of the person you wish to speak to.
  • For email append @mssl.ucl.ac.uk to the username.

Dhiren Kataria

Head of Plasma Detection Systems Group

Email: dok
Telephone extension no: 105

Dr. Richard Gillham Darnley

Junior Instrumentation Scientist

Email: rvd
Telephone extension no: 118

Research interests:

  • Plasma instrumentation.
  • Radiation effects on microelectronic components.
  • CMOS Active Pixel Sensor detectors.

Robert Bedington

PhD Student

Email: rob
Telephone extension no: 142

Research interests:

Arrow Lee

PhD Student

Email: aal2
Telephone extension no: 924

Research interests:

  • Energetic charged particle instrumentation
  • The South Atlantic Anomaly
  • UCLSat/QB50
  • Silicon detectors
  • PoleCATS

Andrew Malpuss

Facilities Engineer

Email: ajm2
Telephone extension no: 277

Daohua (Hubert) Hu

Electronics Design Engineer

Email: hh
Telephone extension no: 930

Research interests:

  • High reliability power supplies.
  • Low noise signal conditioning circuitry.
  • High voltage power supplies.
  • Semiconductor detectors.

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