Educational Projects

Throughout the year students are welcome to join our group and work on a range of topics of interest to us.  Below are examples of past student projects.

An Electron Optic Study of the Electron Analyser System (EAS)

Nathan De Salis, Nuffield bursary student 31/07/12 - 24/08/12

My project consisted of using an ion and charged particle optics simulator (SIMION) to model the perimeters and distribution of electrons as they enter a model of the Top Hat EAS that will be on the ESA 2017 Solar Orbiter mission. The aim of which is to monitor space weather and plasma emissions close to the sun. My main areas of focus were making the original EAS geometry more accurate, importing CAD files, observing electron trajectories at low energy (few eV) and modelling the distribution of electron acceptance around the outer housing pillars.

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