Magnetoresistivity is where the electrical resistance (i.e. its resistivity and thus the electron flow) is affected by the application of a magnetic field.  As electrons carry energy this equates to a modification in the thermal energy transported in the material (i.e the thermal conductivity). A large change in thermal conductivity (several orders of magnitude) can be obtained by the application of a magnetic field in the 1 to 2 Tesla region.  We are investigating the thermal magnetoresistivity of tungsten to act as a solid state heat switch for our ADRs.

More information can be found in the following publication.

The pictures show 

  1. The difference in thermal conductivity for one of our tungsten switches with a magnetic field of 1.8 Tesla "off" and zero magnetic field "on"
  2. The as grown tungsten crystal rod
  3. A completed tungsten heat switch with mounting flanges.  This is cut from the solid rod by electron discharge machining (EDM).
Tungsten thermal conductivity
Tungsten thermal conductivity
tungsten rod
As grown tungsten rod
Tungsten heat switch
Cut tungtsen heat switch

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