Group members

    Role/project  username extension 
Dr I Hepburn Reader in Cryogenic Physics  Head of group idh 101
Dr J Bartlett Research associate  milli-Kelvin cryo-cooler project scientist/manager  jb2 206
G Hardy Research Officer  milli-Kelvin cryo-cooler project gfh 197
K Tugwell Ph.D Research student (STFC) Thermal magnetoresitivity ket2 231
M Hills Ph.D Research student (STFC) Thermal transport in micro structures at very low (milli-Kelvin) temperatures mjh2 177
 A Green Ph.D Research student (ESA+UCL) milli-Kelvin cryocooler for space  aag2  128

Group laboratories

 Cryogenics Lab 1 185
 Cryogenics Lab 2 180
  • For telephone dial 01483 204xxx where xxx is the extension number of the person you wish to speak to.
  • For email append @mssl.ucl.ac.uk to username.

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